Engineering Geology & Rock Engineering @RUB

The Engineering Geology / Rock Engineering group  is part of the Institute of Geosciences at the Ruhr-University Bochum. The group forms together with the Hydrogeology the major "Applied Geology". The head of Engineering Geology /Rock Engineering is Michael Alber.

Courses are offered at both,  BSc and MSc levels.  The course includes lectures and associated exercises, lab and field work as well as seminars. The courses convey analytical and goal-oriented approaches by connecting field observations with theoretical, experimental and numerical methods for solving problems in rock engineering.

Engineering Geology / Rock Engineering is dedicated to basic research about:

  • Induced seismicity
  • Failure processes in geologic media
  • Tool wear
  • Application of defined hydromechanical stresses to (fractured) rock for the observation of micro / macro cracks by acoustic emissions.

Focus of the applied research is the analyses of geological-geotechnical data for:

  • Acquisition of anisotropy of a rock mass and its effects of on underground excavation in rock
  • Numerical modelling of structures in and on rock (mining, tunneling, slopes)
  • Use of on-site data for prognosis of rock mass conditions.

Presently we are involved in two colloborative reserch centers CRC

  • CRC 526 Rheology of the Earth: Project A11: Strength of upper crustal rocks on different scales - from fracture experiments in the lab to mining-induced seismicity
  • CRC 837 Interaction models in mechanized tunneling: Project A1 Recognition of subsoil types based on the analysis of machine data

The Engineering Geology / Rock Engineering group cooperates with national and international researchers. Consulting and índustrial research projects are welcome.



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